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In BUNKER we deal personally with the problem of our clients

We analyze your needs and we offer you the best solution. We treat large companies cases as well as personal cases. We have different kinds of storage to store all your needs

Storerooms & Lockers


National and international transport

Air sea and land shipments


Assembly & Packaging

Do you have space problems? Use our storage

Keep your belongings safe and save the space you need using our storage. Your belongings will be monitored all the time by highly qualified personnel and security cameras. We have different spaces to solve your needs.

  • Private storerooms
  • Private lockers
Do you need help with your move? Our team can help you

Do not waste your time and let our professionals manage your moving. We have a great experience which makes us professionals. We organize and plan the move at an optimum time.

  • Express Transports
  • Nacional & internacional movings
National and international transport

Our objective is that your experience is positive so our team will personally solve your problems. We transport all kinds of goods, personal items, furniture, pallets, etc.

  • Trucking
  • Transport of boxes, furniture, luggage, etc.

Air sea and land shipments

Bring or send your belongings to anywhere in the world. Our team will give you the most appropriate quote. We handle all aspects and we are committed to providing a quick an effective service.

  • Delivery of goods , pallets , machinery, etc.
  • Full service or group containers

At BUNKER we offer you the possibility to store your belongings and goods in individual private containers.

  • Private containers
  • Pallet storage
Montaje y desmontaje de locales y oficinas en Madrid
Assembly & Packaging

We offer a service of assembly and disassembly. We help you with your office, business, apartment… We offer special services for all kind of events on a record time.

BUNKER spent years in packing all kinds of goods as paints, ceramics, fragile goods, furniture, etc. Contact our team and we will provide you the option that suits you. We also create custom wood boxes for your belongings.

  • Packing of goods
  • Packing in wooden custom boxes
  • Disassembly and reassembly of premises, offices, events, etc.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of office furniture